As you amble through the woods, manifold in their awe and sublimating terror, raw bark and tendered grasses flushing by your legs, you happen upon a house. It has two qualities that you can discern from its' architecture- it is at once curatorial and homely. Curatorial- the curtains that you see through the window are unrumpled, fine fabrics, through which there is the faintest hint of halls of keepsakes. It is a tomb, macabre in its' organs' stillness. And yet it is inviting, the doors say this to you, as do the windows. Enter- nobody is here. But someone built this place, and she has much to show you.

Welcome to my realm! Please excuse the overdramatic entrance, I couldn't resist giving you the entrance to my home you deserve. This website is a collection of writing, facts and stupid nonsense. In short, a personal website. It is not going to be comprehensive, nor is it going to be perfectly comprehensible, but I hope at least one bit of information contained within this page is of use to you. Whether that is by something that I've picked up in my travels or some mistake or odd choice of mine sparking inspiration within you on how to do better, this place will have done its' job. It is my hope that this website is for at least one person who isn't me, and no more.

Context for navigation:

~ The Drawing Room ~

Ah, there's nothing quite a good board game. In this section of the site, you can find informal articles on just about any board game I play, or musings on the nature of game design in general (These may overlap with the Chamber of Lights, in which case I will post the articles there as well). They will, nonetheless, have sources, which I will do my absolute best to cite at all times- it's merely the right thing to do.

I might as well warn you now that a particular interest of mine is the game Blood on the Clocktower published by the Pandemonium Institute, as well as social deduction games in general. Given that social deduction isn't everyone's cup of tea, I'll keep my (lengthy) tirades on this subject in a seperate section within the Drawing Room, including my own homebrewed content for it, which I acknowledge is in no way official but someone somehwere might want to play around with.